A man’s best friend

It was an average day for Fu of Jiangsu City. He had just dropped into a shop, tying up his pet dog outside. So far, so normal.

The peace was broken after Fu heard an unmistakable yelp of distress from his faithful friend. He rushed out to see what was happening. When he emerged into the street, all he could do was watch in shock as a complete stranger proceeded to shoot his dog with a poison dart in broad daylight. The crook then proceeded to try and escape, carrying Fu’s canine companion with him on a motorbike.

Confusion turned to rage as Fu gave chase. Undeterred by the dognappers threats to shoot him too, Fu jumped into his van and set off in pursuit.

After a short chase, disaster struck. Fu, speeding to keep up with the crook, lost control. Later telling police he had confused his brake pedal with the gas, he was sent careening straight into the crook’s bike. Piling the van, the bike, and the perp straight through a nearby pillar, before finally colliding with a nearby shop front.

The crook was killed instantaneously, Fu thankfully survived the incident and helped the police with their investigations. On further inspection of the perps belongings, the cops discovered a bag with the corpses of six canine companions inside…

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