Harlan Junior Resigns From Startup

Joe Harlan Junior turns back on reporters, refusing questions.

With his trial for date rape still months away, Joe Harlan Junior is in the news again, having resigned from his role as co-founder of Austin-based startup ProcurEx Technologies, leaving his two co-founders running the company.

Harlan founded the startup with his two roommates and co-founders, Frank Stern and Marty McCall more than a year ago. The company was focused on “improving government procurement processes and saving taxpayer dollars” according to its website.

The resignation was announced at a fundraising event earlier this week, and confirmed via the company’s website, from which Joe Harlan Junior’s name has been removed.

ProcurEx CEO Frank Stern stated, “Joe has other things going on in his life right now. We respect that and stand behind him one hundred percent. But, we need to give him time to resolve these pending matters while we focus on moving the company forward and delivering results for our investors.”

Neither McCall, Harlan Junior, nor Senator Joe Harlan Senior returned calls requesting comments.

Joe Harlan Junior’s case is set for trial in July of this year.

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