Harlan Junior Released on Bond in Date-Rape Case

After appearing in court this morning, his father state Senator Joe Harlan Senior by his side, Joe Harlan Junior was released on bond, bail having been set at $25,000. Many cried foul and favoritism as a typical bail bond for a sexual assault is usually in the amount of $100,000.

“We’re moving quickly,” said Assistant District Attorney Abigail Kraft. “This is a pretty clear cut case. We’re ready for a jury to hear what this man did, and for him to be punished for it.”

Brandon Fletcher, attorney for Harlan Junior also indicated that they were ready for trial. “Joe did nothing wrong. This was completely consensual. The evidence will prove it, and we want nothing more than to do that, and end this nightmare for Joe and his family.”

Harlan Junior’s case has been set for trial in July of this year.

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