Politician’s Son Accused of Rape

Joe Harlan Junior surrendered himself into police custody outside his Westlake Hills home.

Joe Harlan Junior, 24, from Austin Texas, was arrested today in connection with the alleged date rape of University of Texas at Austin student Kristy Wise, also of Austin. Harlan Junior is the son of state senator Joe Harlan Senior. The Austin District Attorney’s Office refused to comment on the case, but sources indicate that charges against Harlan Junior are pending.

The alleged incident occurred on Halloween night, after Wise left a party early indicating that she felt ill. Harlan accompanied her back to her home, where the sexual assault allegedly occurred. Wise’s roommate Bethany Rosen was witness to the alleged crime, and called 9-1-1 from the scene.

Tests later found traces of the date rape drug Rohypnol in Wise’s system. Senator Harlan’s office has indicated that Harlan Junior is innocent of any wrongdoing, that they are following the matter closely, and that the senator supports and loves his son.

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